Skin Anti-Aging Formula

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Vasili Paspal Anti-Aging Skin Formula is harvested from adult human stem cells using our unique scientifically developed process, Vasili Paspal Skin Anti-aging formula contains the right cytokines and growth factors to signal our own dormant skin cells to increase dividing.

  • Our Adipose Derived Human Adult Stem Cell Media, is the active ingredient in our formulation that revitalises skin cells, and is an internationally approved cosmetic ingredient.
  • Our anti-aging formula rejuvenates your skin by taking advantage of the self-renewing nature of stem cells.

This stem cell and peptide combination, which has cryoprotective properties and a restructuring effect, that protects the skin against dryness and promotes its cohesion and regeneration, reducing wrinkle depth and enhancing the healing process.

Anti Aging Formula main effects are to protect and regenerate skin, as well as to reduce wrinkles formed during the aging process.

Water (Aqua), Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract, Hyaluronic Acid

Opaque gel

Anti Aging Formula is a cosmetic active with several benefits for the skin. Its natural bio protective properties prevent cutaneous dryness under extreme cold conditions. Furthermore, Anti Aging Formula promotes the formation of a group of essential proteins that help wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

In vitro efficacy


During freezing, the intracellular water molecules form crystals that can damage cellular membranes. To test cryoprotective activity of Anti Aging Formula, the release of fluorescence by liposomes CF (containing carboxyfluorescein) treated with 100μl of a solution with 1% of the active, was measured, after they were frozen and defrosted.

2. RESTRUCTURANT EFFECT Adhesion to dermal fibroblasts

Cells were added on a 1mg/ml coated Anti Aging Formula substrate and a wash was performed. Bioadhension was measured by the determination of remaining cells on the substrate, using the CVDE technique (Crystal Violet Dye Elution). A type I collagen coating was used as a positive control, which is a natural substrate for fibroblasts.

Growth of epidermal keratinocytes. 

On a culture medium, cell growth of human epidermic keratinocytes was performed by CVDE method using 1ng/ml Anti Aging Formula.


Collagen induction was evaluated by an ELISA essay on human dermal fibroblasts. Absorbance readings were processed and type 1 collagen concentrations were obtained using a standard curve. The percentage of induction respect to control was calculated.


During cutaneous wound healing, increased proliferation and migration of epidermal keratinocytes are essential for efficient re-epithelization of the wound and restoration of the barrier function. Scrape wounds in human keratinocytes were photographed at 0 hours and after 48 hours, allowing cells to migrate into the wounds


  • Cryoprotection of bilayer lipid membranes Anti Aging Formula showed a protective activity at a concentration of 1%.
  • Anti Aging Formula helps to restructure the skin The fibroblasts adhesion increased by 125% in 5 hours and the keratinocytes growth by 36% after 48 hours.
  • 34% increase of collagen I synthesis with Anti Aging Formula at 0.1mg/ml
  • Anti Aging Formula induces a significant wound healing effect.After 48 hours, the cicatrisation was increased by 88%
  • The depth of wrinkles decreased an average of 44%.

Before & After Pictures

1. Subject 1 

Before                                                    After (30 days)


Duration of use: Application every night before bed for 1 month

2. Subject 2 

Before                                                               After (30 days)


Duration of use: Application every night before bed for 1 month

3. Subject 3 

Before                                                                              After (30 days)


Duration of use: Application every night before bed for 1 month

4. Subject 4 

Before                                                                                  After (30 days)

Duration of use: Application every night before bed for 1 month

5. Subject 5 

Before                                                      After (30 days)



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