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Trichogenesis has a balanced formulae of bioavailable ingredients. Tailored for the specific needs of men and women to give the best results, and is a complete anti-hair loss supplement. It consists of the most potent combination of nutraceuticals, ions, co-factors and nutrients available, and acts to reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth.

Furthermore, it has been shown to help rejuvenate and revive, thinning, damaged and lifeless hair. It is recommended to be applied morning and night. It can also be used in combination with any other hair product.

Hair is a part of your Character

  • Hair plays an important role in determining self-image, social perceptions, and psychosocial functioning.
  • Its normal to lose about 50 – 100 hairs every day
  • Thick, shiny, bouncy hair is what most people strive to achieve when caring for and styling their hair.

When comparing women unaffected with hair loss to those who suffer from hair loss, they;

  • Have a higher self-esteem.
  • Are more positive about body image.
  • Feel more attractive.

Balding men were perceived as:

  • Being older.
  • Less attractive.
  • Less confident.

Causes Of Hair Loss  

Each type of hair loss has different causes, although the causes of some types are poorly understood.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness:

  • Male Pattern is hereditary, it is thought to be caused by over sensitive hair follicles, due to too much di-hydrotestosterone(DHT) male hormone.
  • Women in menopause have increased chance of female-pattern baldness because they have fewer female hormones.

Alopecia Areata:

  • An autoimmune condition, where the immune system damages the hair follicles instead of attacking the cause of infection.

But there is a solution to solve Hair Loss Problem. The answer lies in Trichogenesis, a natural choice for prevention of Hair Loss 

How does it work?

Works by lowering Di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibition, and help stimulate the circulation around the hair follicle. It is constituted from natural ingredients that prevent hair loss through:

  • Ginseng Extract: Improves the health of hair follicles by nourishing and strengthening hair.
  • Chinese Angelica Extract: Slow down the formation of DHT the male sex hormone that’s responsible for hair loss.
  • Polygonum Multiform Extract: Regulates hormonal functioning which help to stimulate hair growth.





Before & After Pictures

1. Subject 1 

Before                                                                                   After (90 days)

2. Subject 2 

Before                                                                                         After (120 days)

3. Subject 3 

Before                                       After (90 days)

4. Subject 4 

Before                                                      After (90 days)



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